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On our way towards becoming a professional musician, we are in daily contact with practise towards exams, auditions, competitions and other performances. With this comes a great deal of pressure, adrenaline, emotions, self talk, doubt and much more.

During my studies I was confused how to deal with stress-related physiological and emotional processes during peak performances. Since I had so many questions, I needed answers. I started to do this research myself, resulting in my Master's thesis "The Auditioning Percussionist", at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.


In individual coaching sessions, I could help you improve in different issues, like:

  • how to practise and set goals

  • how to peak your performance in an audition, competition or concert

  • how to deal with stage fright and anxiety

  • how to improve your musical skills by activating your body, through breathing, voice and movement

  • how to optimise the control over your body and mind

  • how to integrate the Wim Hof Method into your daily practise


I am very much inspired by the next generation of musicians, and have worked with them at the Norwegian Academy of Music, the Tromsø Conservatory, the Baltic Sea Philharmonic Orchestra, Bahia orchestra in Brazil and the Wroclaw Orchestra Academy.  

Coaching sessions can happen live or online. Reach out to me for a free introductory session, where we discuss how I can support you along the way in

your progress.

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